Dirt River Radio
Photo: Ehsan Gelsi
Dirt River Radio Spain
Photo: Francea - Freezin' The Moment

Formed by Heath Brady and Alex Raunjak (circa 2007) Dirt River Radio is a Melbourne-based Roots Rock Country band. Heavily influenced by American music (Gram Parsons, Tom Waits, Credence Clearwater Revival) mixed with rock heroes like AC/DC and Clutch, Dirt River Radio writes and plays from the heart.

Debut album Beer Bottle Poetry (entitled "Come Back Romance, All Is Forgiven" in Europe), and follow-up Rock N Roll Is My Girlfriend (released 2013 Aust., Asia, Europe) are both available online worldwide.

Touring western European late 2014, and finalisng 3rd album at Woodstock Studios (Melb.), Dirt River Radio rhythm section, Ross Hetherington (Drums), and Mark Down-Price (Bass), blissfully complimented by the vocal stylings of Sarah Fagan and Kellie Fernando-Bird is one of Melbourne's favourite live bands.

If you love music from TV shows like S.G.T. (Straya's Got Talent), then Dirt River Radio may not be your thing. Check out Dirt River Radio live and you'll understand why. This is the truth!